Plant A Community Garden

Organize a kids' garden project in a corner of a schoolyard, park, vacant lot or existing community garden site. Kids get exercise as they plant and tend the garden. They also learn about--and eat!--the healthy fruits and veggies they harvest.

Don't have a green thumb? No problem! You can still make a garden grow.

How to Get Started ...

  • Find a gardener to help. Garden stores, landscape firms or your local park department can suggest gardeners willing to volunteer their expertise. They might also have extra seeds and tools you can use.
  • Get kids involved from the start. When they do, they are more willing to weed and water throughout the growing season. For example--
    • Guide kids toward plants that will thrive in your location, but let them pick out what to plant
    • Let the kids name their Garden Club
    • Plant a regular time on the calendar to meet.
  • Munch and share. Let the kids decide what to do with their harvest. Depending on the amount, they can make a meal for friends and family, provide fresh food to the school cafeteria or donate to a community food bank.

Gardens that involve kids are sprouting up around the country-including in communities with long winters, urban congestion or both!

To Learn More ...

Many groups provide information to start a garden, including-

Or Consider This...

Help launch a local school or youth organization's garden-through a donation of seeds or equipment, a gift card to a local garden store, or "seed money." 

Share with Others ...

Already growing? Tell us about your garden project!