Set Up A Born Learning Trail For Toddlers

A Born Learning Trail provides young children with an opportunity to get active, have fun and boost language and literacy skills. The "trail" features age-appropriate, simple-to-construct activities that can be set up outdoors or in.

Want to install a Born Learning Trail in your community?

How to Start ...

  • Partner up. Strengthen or build partnerships with people in your community who want to help young children. Cast a wide net to include childcare providers, health agencies, local businesses, universities and others.
  • Generate support. The Born Learning Trail toolkit contains materials and instructions to create a trail with 10 interactive stations. Local businesses and volunteers can support this "do-able" project that directly benefits young kids and their families by donating money, materials and time.
  • Select a site: Consider safety, accessibility and maintenance in choosing the location. Born Learning Trails have been constructed at parks, on museum grounds, in malls and many other places.
  • Build and promote the trail. With advance prep, building the trail takes 10 or 12 volunteers about a half-day. After it's done, make sure it gets used by more toddlers in your community by-
    • Hosting a ribbon-cutting or other special event
    • Staging other children's events near the trail, such as health fairs or backpack drives
    • Encouraging the media to do stories about the trail
    • Sharing updates on Facebook and other social media.

To Learn More ...

About how to construct the trail and about other early childhood initiatives at Born Learning

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